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Looking for inspiration for your next adventure, or just got itchy feet? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This is a travel blog for the adventurous traveller, the laid back beach lover, the outdoor explorer or the city slicker. Whatever your preference, you’re bound to be inspired to book your next trip and make some memories of your own.

My best travel blogs are below and I’m confident you will find a travel blog that caters to your needs. Whether you like to travel in luxury or to backpack on a shoestring, or whether you prefer to travel in a group or travel solo. Read on to find the right travel experience, itinerary and activities perfectly suited to you. Adventure Awaits!

Travel Blog Categories:

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  • Best Places in Europe. Being from the UK, I have some amazing countries on my doorstep and I am making it my mission to travel them all. I’m sure you will find many countries and cities that you want to travel too and I’m certain my guides will help!
  • Asia Travel Bucket List Destinations. Asia is my favourite continent of all. The culture, the people, the weather! Everything about it is truly incredible. Asia, is where my travel bug started following 6 months backpacking solo over 10 years ago! You will definitely tick off some bucket list aspirations here.
  • Adventure Travel. Who doesn’t like adventure? If you’re a little daring and like extreme thrills, then you will find some fantastic things to do here.
  • Beach Holiday Ideas. We all love a little beach action from time to time (or all the time!). These blogs will help you find some of the best beach vacation places worldwide.
  • Best Travel Destinations Africa. African countries are often a little off the beaten path for most travellers. But, I will share my experiences with you and you may just find a new destination to visit.

Whatever you’re looking for, you will the find my best travel blogs in this collection.