Category: Asia Travel Bucket List

Have an Asia travel bucket list? Then you’ve come to the right place!

What is the meaning of a bucket list I hear you ask. Well, its whatever you make it! A bucket list is normally something that you aspire to do. Something that’s unusual, challenging or just difficult to find the time for.

For me, a bucket list means adventure and unique experiences. The kind of thing that you only do once, or that you need to work yourself up for.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, then read on to find inspiration and ideas for travel around Asia. Expect to find epic things to do that you will either be able to add or tick off your Asia travel bucket list.

  • Discover the best destinations to experience extreme white water rafting.
  • Explore the travel locations that have amazing river kayaking.
  • Wade through dense jungles to take an unbeatable zip-lining experience.
  • Take a peek at the ocean sea life through the lens of a snorkel or some of the best diving you can experience worldwide.
  • Go island hopping to discover beautiful viewpoints and amazing beaches and oceans.
  • Hike and trek mountains, volcanos and nature trails across national parks worldwide.
  • Become at one with nature through with wild camping or staying in unique accommodations.
  • Take part in local traditions and Asian culture that might be out of your comfort zone.
  • Try new water activities in the beautiful waters surrounding Asia.

Whether you’re travelling as part of a group tour, or want a solo adventure travel, you will find epic adventure activities that will fill your Asia travel bucket list.

Asia truly is a beautiful, diverse continent that will awaken the explorer in you.  Find activities & experiences that make an epic trip.