Gibraltar Drones – Can you fly a Drone in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar Drones – Can you fly a Drone in Gibraltar?

November 26, 2022 1 By Kerry

Gibraltar is a land filled with endless photo opportunities. The mountainous views with the orange-roofed buildings, along with the white sand and sea, you can’t ask for much more. It’s one of the most picturesque places in the world. This leads to many people wondering about Gibraltar drones and whether you “Can you fly a drone in Gibraltar?” We asked Josh from A Backpacker’s World to find out and provide a complete guide to flying a drone in Gibraltar.

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Are drones legal in Gibraltar?

People often ask about Gibraltar drones and whether they’re legal to fly. To summarise, yes they are legal and you can fly a drone in Gibraltar with prior consent. Read on for more information on how to achieve this.

Nonetheless, the opportunity to fly a drone over this small yet magnificent country is not to be missed. I can guarantee that you will capture some of the best footage here. Just take a look at this, for example…

Getting your drone into Gibraltar

There don’t appear to be any restrictions around bringing a drone into Gibraltar, which is good news. Some countries make it a pain to get drones through customs. Thankfully, Gibraltar has no laws on this, and you can bring a drone in freely. You do, however, need prior consent for flying drones in Gibraltar.

Also, check with your airline if you are flying to Gibraltar. Some airlines are strict on how to package and carry a drone, usually its batteries, on a plane.

If you’re drone isn’t overly travel friendly, then there are some great foldable drones on the market that will make transporting it so much easier.

Do you need a license to fly your drone in Gibraltar?

Yes, you need a licence as all drones must be registered in Gibraltar. This is regardless of if you are flying for recreational (hobby) or commercial purposes, also regardless of the weight of your drone. You can apply for registration directly through the Gibraltar government’s website. It costs £324 and is valid for one year. You can find the form on their website by clicking here and scrolling down to “registration application form”, where you can open a PDF. 

To be eligible for application, you must have insurance for your drone, proof of training or competence to fly, and maps of intended flights.

On top of this registration, you must also acquire permission to fly your drone. The quote below is taken directly from the government’s website: 

To gain the DCA’s permission to fly anywhere other than the four coastal flight zones where flights are only permitted over the sea, applicants will be required to prove that they have successfully attended a recognised piloting course, have adequate insurance to cover the activity they are undertaking and have considered, and mitigated, all risks associated with the flight. In the four coastal flight zones of Caleta Bay, Sandy Bay, Europa Point and Rosia Bay, where flights are only permitted over the sea, the requirement to have attended a recognised piloting course is removed; however, all the other conditions mentioned above remain the same. 

Gibraltar Government

There doesn’t appear to be a form that is publicly available for this, so we recommend reaching out directly through the website’s contact page. The requirements for this are probably similar to the registration in that you must have proof that you can fly your drone, be that a training course or whatever. They seem concerned about the public’s safety around drones as the Gibraltar government’s website says, “unmanned aircraft being flown at several hundred feet…is a potential killer if it is poorly operated”. 

Rules for flying a drone in Gibraltar

As a drone operator, you are probably well used to having to comply with rules for flying. Gibraltar is no different, and strict rules must be followed. Failure to do so can lead to your drone being confiscated, significant fines and even prison (if the offence is severe enough). Therefore, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the following rules. 

The main rules are: 

  • Do not fly over 120 metres (just under 400 feet)
  • Do not fly within 150 metres (just under 500 feet) of congested areas or crowds of over 1000
  • Do not fly within 50 metres (160 feet) of any vessels or vehicles 
  • Keep a direct line of sight at all times
  • You can only fly during the daytime
  • Mark your drone with your registration number
  • Do not fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Of course, you must not fly near the airport, prison or police stations, or any other areas of sensitivity. This is a universal rule, though; as a drone operator, you should know it.

You can get the full document for Gibraltar’s “Drone Aware Information” guide by clicking here. It will download as a .docx file. 

Gibraltar Drones: Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap, we’ve covered all relevant aspects to build your knowledge on Gibraltar Drones! Thank you for reading our guide on “Can you fly a drone in Gibraltar?” Hopefully, you leave feeling confident about the laws around flying a drone here and the requirements to do so. If you do apply and get permission, make sure to capture some amazing footage. Gibraltar is so beautiful, and the footage speaks for itself. So get out there and start capturing said beauty on a drone! 🙂 

This post was written by Josh Band from A Backpacker’s World. Josh loves to write about Central America and other popular backpacking routes around the world. Who doesn’t love budget travelling, right?! 

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