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Group Travel may seem daunting to some, but absolutely essential to others. Group tours strike a balance between not travelling at all or traveling solo. Let’s face it, given the option, most of us would prefer to travel with our friends, partners or family. However, this introduces compromises in where you go, how long for and what you do. Sometimes you also end up compromising on whether you even go at all.

Not everyone has the confidence or desire to travel solo. However, people also don’t want to miss out on life experiences by waiting for their friends to take part. This is the joy of group travel. Joining a tour group is the half way house between solo travel and travelling with friends. You join a global group tour on your own, but you travel within a small group. Your itinerary is planned for you, the hotels are taken care of and you still have the flexibility and freedom to do other activities or relax in your own time.

This travel blog will give you an insight into the different locations and experiences that are great for group travel. I will also provide tips and ideas about group travel in itself so that you can make an informed decision.

Group Tour Providers

If you’d like to take a look at some of the main tour group providers, then the two I would recommend for quality and well organised tours are:

  1. G  Adventures 
  2. Intrepid Travel

If you travel with a tour group, you will have an experienced local tour guide. This will help you learn about the culture and history of the country you’re visiting. Having this local insight will give you a more rounded experience, as well as ensuring you’re kept safe.

One thing is certain, you should experience group tours at least once in your life. Research some of the more challenging locations that you’d like to tick off your bucket list but don’t fancy doing solo.  This will help you see the options and if you go ahead, you will visit countries you may have never experienced on your own.