The 10 Best Gozo Beaches for a Beautiful Sun Filled Holiday

The 10 Best Gozo Beaches for a Beautiful Sun Filled Holiday

August 6, 2021 1 By Kerry

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Gozo Island makes up the archipelago off the coast of Malta which makes an incredible destination for those warm summer months. The beaches of Gozo are some of the most beautiful in all of the Maltese Islands. They offer a wide range of activities, from swimming and snorkelling to diving or fishing.

Discover the best Gozo beaches so that you can relax, unwind and bask in the Mediterranean sun!

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Top 10 Gozo Beaches 

Some people ask whether there are beaches on Gozo Island, but of course there are! Several beaches in Malta are pebbly, rocky and even sea-sculptured, so people often wonder whether Gozo has sandy beaches. It certainly does! Just not that many of them.

If you’re planning to hire a car for a Maltese Island road trip, or just trying to find the most beautiful beaches in Gozo, then read on for everything you need to plan a perfect beach holiday. 

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1) Ramla Bay Beach 

Ramla Bay Reddish Sand Beach
Ramla Bay Reddish Sand Beach

How to get to Ramla Bay Beach: Located in the North West of the Island, Ramla Bay is 8.5km from the ferry terminal, which takes 15 or so minutes to drive. 

Tip: make a slight detour to the Azure Window at the Tal-Mixta Cave for spectacular views across the ocean, framed by natural rock. 

Ramla Beach has a free parking lot, a vendor selling drinks and snacks, and golden sand. It also has an iconic marble statue that takes centre-stage on bay. However, it can get windy in this area which will kick up the waves, making it pleasant to paddle, but not a great spot to swim. 

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2) Ghar Qawqla Bay

Ghar Qawqla Bay, Gozo beaches
Ghar Qawqla Bay, beaches of Gozo

How to get to Ghar Qawqla Bay: Located slightly further West than Ramla Bay, this beach is on the tip of Marsalforn Bay. 

Somewhat hidden from the hustle and bustle of Marsalforn Bay, Ghar Qawqla bay is a hidden gem of natural beauty. There is no sand, but the beach is built around an interesting limestone formation. This area is popular for adventurers wanting to jump off the rocky cliffs into the deep blue waters of the sea. 

There are also facilities on Ghar Qawqla Bay to rent sun loungers, a beach umbrella and a place to buy food and drinks. However, make sure you check the weather beforehand, as strong winds will create rough sea currents that are dangerous to swim in. 

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3) San Blas Bay

Gozo beaches - San Blas Bay
Gozo beaches – San Blas Bay

How to get to San Blas Bay: down a steep, narrow road, this sandy beach has a car park half way down, but it is not very easy to access. Alternatively Bus 303 also stops near the area.

San Blas Bay is a wonderful beach in a bay that is very picturesque and framed with golden sand. However, the steep incline can make it difficult for anyone with challenges walking, particularly uphill. Often, there is a small jeep that will give you a lift up the hill for a few euros. 

There is a restaurant, sunbeds and parasols to rent, so you have everything you need while enjoying San Blas beach. 

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4) Qolla l-Bajda

Gozo beaches - Qolla l-Bajda
Gozo beaches – Qolla l-Bajda

How to get to Qolla l-Bajda: take a short drive east of Marsalforn bay, and you will arrive at the old artillery battery beach.

Qolla l-Bajda has brilliant views of the sea and the harbour and has salt pans you can even harvest sea salt from! As one of the only remaining batteries on Gozo Island, this is a picturesque spot for history buffs.

Sadly, the area isn’t well maintained and has limited amenities so don’t expect to stay too long. 

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5) Hondoq ir-Rummien

Gozo beaches - Hondoq ir-Rummien
Gozo beaches – Hondoq ir-Rummien

How to get to Hondoq ir-Rummien: located in the village of Qala, in the south, the only way to get to this beach is by car, but there is free parking available.

Hondoq ir-Rummien (meaning pomegranate moat) is a slightly pebbly beach with a mixture of white sand and rocks. The draw for this particular beach is the underwater caves that are great for swimming and snorkelling. Additionally water sports such as kayaking are also possible.

There are two beach bars serving food and drinks, as well as public toilets. This pretty bay is also well situated for a boat trip to Blue Lagoon, off Comino Island which is only a short ride away.

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6) Xlendi Beach

Gozo Beaches, Xlendi Bay
Beaches in Gozo, Xlendi Bay

How to get to Xlendi Beach: Take a 20-minute stroll along the coast path from Siggiewi village.

Xlendi Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Gozo, with crystal clear water and soft white sand. The view over the island towards Comino is stunning too and is perfect for both sunrise and sunset. 

The impressive cliffs are a sight to behold, and you have the bonus of beautiful caves to explore. In addition, there are several bars and restaurants to enjoy along the bay of this attractive beach. 

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6) Mgarr ix-Xinyi

Beaches in Gozo, Mgarr ix-Xinyi:

How to get to Mgarr ix-Xinyi: located in the south of Gozo island the best way is to drive as the nearest bus stop (Cilja, served by buses 301 & 323) still involves a 20 minute walk. If driving, be prepared for a steep and narrow drive down to the beach, where there is limited parking, so avoid arriving at busy times. It is also possible to get to Mgarr ix-Xinyi by boat ride. 

The amazing Mgarr Ix-Xinyi secluded beach is a fantastic spot to swim, snorkel, or rent a kayak/canoe. The clear waters and sea life around this coast makes it a beautiful dive spot for scuba diving.

This beach can get windy, so one to be avoided in temperamental weather. Additionally, there is only one restaurant (with very mixed reviews), so choices are limited. 

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 8) Dwejra Bay

Dwejra Bay, Gozo beaches
Dwejra Bay, Gozo beaches

How to get to Dwejra Bay: located in the North West San Lawrenz area, the easiest way is to drive. However, drive down from the North as the roads from the South are terrible and are often closed due to a working quarry nearby.

Dwejra Bay was put on the map due to its proximity to the famous Azure window which has sadly since collapsed. However, this is still one of the top Gozo beaches and is a favourite for watching the sunset. If you’re a diver, or want to try it out, the blue hole is an awesome spot to experience the depths of the ocean. You can also take a 15 minute boat ride here to see the beauty of the blue hole without even getting wet.

There are several restaurants close by so when you’re finished on the rocks, you can continue exploring San Lawrenz.

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9) Dahlet Qorrot

Dahlet Qorrot - Gozo beaches
Dahlet Qorrot – Gozo beaches

How to get to Dahlet Qorrot: Follow signs from Nadur centre towards San Blas and then take a right as you head out of the village. Alternatively, take a stroll. 

This beach offers spectacular views and is a hidden gem along a leisurely coastal walk from the Gozo ferry terminal. The quaint natural sandstone bay is mostly a rocky beach and is a great swimming spot. 

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10) Wied il-Ghasri

Wied il-Ghasri, Gozo beaches
Wied il-Ghasri, beaches of Gozo

How to get to Wied il-Ghasri: this bay is slightly off the beaten track and needs to be reached by car, albeit the road to the car park is narrow and steep.

To get to the Wied il-Ghasri beach, walk the steep path down. There are minimal facilities in this location, but the stunning, picturesque bay earns is spot as a one of the must see Gozo beaches. The unique bends and landscape of the rocks along this coast, make this one-of-a-kind beach one of Gozo Islands hidden gems.

Gozo Beaches in Summary

Other beaches in Gozo include Bugibba Perched Beach, an artificial ‘sand’ beach which is nice to walk down if you’re staying in the area, otherwise It can easily be missed.  You also have the option to catch the Gozo ferry and discover the wonderful beaches of Malta. If you’re staying for a longer trip, check out the things to do in both islands in my Malta Itinerary.

Which Gozo beach do you think sounds best? Or, if you have already visited, which one is your favourite? Please let me know in the comments.

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